1: 1. Harvey Specter: The charismatic lawyer needs to team up with Gina Torres for a new legal drama.

2: 2. Mike Ross: The talented fraud-turned-lawyer could learn a thing or two from Gina Torres's character.

3: 3. Louis Litt: The quirky lawyer would be a perfect match for Gina Torres in a high-stakes legal battle.

4: 4. Rachel Zane: The aspiring lawyer could benefit from Gina Torres's wisdom and experience.

5: 5. Donna Paulsen: The sharp-witted secretary could form a formidable team with Gina Torres.

6: 6. Jessica Pearson: The powerful attorney could join forces with Gina Torres for a thrilling legal showdown.

7: 7. Alex Williams: The tough lawyer could team up with Gina Torres for a gripping legal drama.

8: 8. Katrina Bennett: The ambitious lawyer could learn a lot from working alongside Gina Torres.

9: 9. Samantha Wheeler: The fearless lawyer could make a dynamic duo with Gina Torres in a new legal series.