1: 1. Tony and Ziva reunite to solve a high-stakes case. 2. The couple faces new challenges as parents. 3. An old enemy resurfaces, threatening their happiness.

2: 4. Tony and Ziva navigate the complexities of a long-distance relationship. 5. A crossover with NCIS brings unexpected twists and turns. 6. The couple must confront their past for a chance at a future together.

3: 7. Tony and Ziva embark on a dangerous undercover mission. 8. The stakes are higher than ever as secrets come to light. 9. Will their love story survive the ultimate test?

4: 10. Tony and Ziva face off against a formidable new foe. 11. The couple's bond is put to the test in a race against time. 12. Will they make it out alive?

5: 13. Tony and Ziva's wedding day arrives, but danger looms. 14. A shocking betrayal threatens to tear them apart. 15. Can they overcome the odds and say "I do"?

6: 16. Tony and Ziva navigate the challenges of parenthood. 17. A new arrival shakes up their lives in unexpected ways. 18. Will they find balance amidst the chaos?

7: 19. Tony and Ziva's past comes back to haunt them. 20. The couple must confront their demons to move forward. 21. Can they find peace and closure?

8: 22. Tony and Ziva team up for one last mission. 23. The fate of their future hangs in the balance. 24. Will they make it out alive?

9: 25. Tony and Ziva's love story continues to captivate audiences. 26. The couple's journey takes unexpected twists and turns. 27. Don't miss the next chapter in their epic saga.