1: Introduction Discover the valuable world of rare dimes and Bicentennial quarters worth a staggering 5 million dollars each still in circulation today.

2: The 1894-S Barber Dime The elusive 1894-S Barber Dime is a sought-after collectible with only 24 known to exist, fetching millions at auctions.

3: The 1916-D Mercury Dime The 1916-D Mercury Dime is known for its low mintage and rarity, making it one of the most valuable dimes in circulation.

4: The 1873-CC Seated Liberty Dime The 1873-CC Seated Liberty Dime is a rare gem with only a handful in existence, making it a valuable find for collectors.

5: The 1804 Draped Bust Quarter The 1804 Draped Bust Quarter is a rare coin with only 15 known to exist, commanding a hefty price tag of 5 million dollars each.

6: The 1976 Bicentennial Quarter The 1976 Bicentennial Quarter is a rare find with a unique design, making it a highly sought-after coin worth millions in today's market.

7: How to Spot a Rare Dime or Quarter Look for key indicators like mint marks, condition, and year of production to identify rare dimes and quarters worth millions.

8: Collecting Rare Coins Explore the exciting world of rare coin collecting and the thrill of discovering valuable dimes and quarters in circulation.

9: Investing in Rare Coins Invest in rare dimes and Bicentennial quarters for potential future profit, as these valuable coins continue to increase in worth over time.