1: "Sleek Ponytail" Start with a deep side part. Brush hair back into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic. Smooth down any flyaways for a polished look.

2: "Boho Braids" Part hair in the middle. Create two loose braids on each side and secure with clear elastics. Pull out sections for a relaxed vibe.

3: "Half-Up Half-Down" Take the top section of hair and secure with an elastic. Create a gap above the elastic and flip the ponytail through for a twist.

4: "Messy Bun" Gather hair into a loose ponytail and twist into a bun. Secure with bobby pins and pull out sections for a messy finish.

5: "Voluminous Curls" Use a curling wand to create loose waves. Brush through for volume and texture, then finish with hairspray for hold.

6: "Braided Headband" Take a small section of hair near the ear and create a braid. Wrap it around the head like a headband and secure with bobby pins.

7: "Twisted Ponytail" Divide the ponytail in half and twist each section. Secure the twists together with an elastic for a unique look.

8: "Fishtail Braid" Divide hair into two sections. Take a small piece from the outside of one section and cross it over to the other side. Repeat until you reach the ends.

9: "Top Knot" Gather hair into a high ponytail and twist into a bun. Secure with an elastic and bobby pins for a trendy top knot.