1: Explore the flavors of Greece with these 7 irresistible main courses.

2: Souvlaki, a classic Greek dish of skewered and grilled meat.

3: Indulge in Moussaka, a rich and hearty eggplant casserole.

4: Try Pastitsio, a comforting baked pasta dish with layers of meat and béchamel.

5: Dig into Spanakopita, a flaky spinach and feta-filled pastry.

6: Savor Gemista, tomatoes stuffed with savory rice and herbs.

7: Feast on Kleftiko, tender lamb slow-cooked with garlic and lemon.

8: Enjoy Gyro Platter, a delicious combination of meat, pita, and tzatziki sauce.

9: Perfect for busy people looking for quick and tasty Greek meals.