1: 1. Essential oils like citronella and eucalyptus deter mosquitoes. 2. Planting lemongrass and lavender in the garden can repel mosquitoes.

2: 3. Keep your surroundings clean and free of stagnant water. 4. Use mosquito nets on windows and doors to keep them out.

3: 5. Installing outdoor fans can disrupt mosquito flight patterns. 6. Lemon and cloves make an effective natural mosquito repellent.

4: 7. Avoid wearing dark-colored clothing, as mosquitoes are attracted to them. 8. Using garlic as a natural mosquito repellent can be effective.

5: 9. Burn coffee grounds or sage to keep mosquitoes away. 10. Incorporate mosquito-repelling plants like marigolds and basil in your garden. Page6: 11. Apple cider vinegar can be used as a natural mosquito repellent. 12. Citrus fruits like lemon, lime, and orange can deter mosquitoes.

7: 13. Avoid being outside during peak mosquito activity times. 14. Add rosemary and mint to your outdoor seating area to repel mosquitoes.

8: 15. Use a mosquito repellent spray made with essential oils. 16. Planting mosquitoe-repelling herbs like catnip and rosemary can keep them away.

9: 17. Consider using a mosquito trap to control the population. 18. Burning citronella candles can help keep mosquitoes at bay.