1: 1. Warm up with dynamic stretches. 2. Begin with push-ups for chest and triceps. 3. Move on to tricep dips using a chair or bench.

2: 4. Shift to shoulder presses with light dumbbells. 5. Incorporate lateral raises for shoulder definition. 6. Add in front raises for shoulder strength.

3: 7. Perform overhead tricep extensions for arm definition. 8. Try push-ups with one arm for added challenge. 9. Finish with chest flys for a complete chest workout.

4: 10. Use resistance bands for added difficulty. 11. Alternate between slow and fast reps for endurance. 12. Focus on proper form to avoid injury.

5: 13. Increase reps for muscle endurance. 14. Decrease rest time between sets for intensity. 15. Stay hydrated throughout the workout.

6: 16. Listen to music for motivation. 17. Engage your core for stability. 18. Challenge yourself with different variations.

7: 19. Keep a workout journal to track progress. 20. Work with a trainer for guidance. 21. Don't be afraid to push yourself to failure.

8: 22. Cool down with stretching exercises. 23. Hydrate and refuel with protein post-workout. 24. Rest and recover to allow muscles to repair.

9: 25. Incorporate push workouts into your routine 2-3 times a week. 26. Gradually increase weight for continuous progress. 27. Enjoy the benefits of a challenging push workout with light weights.

How to do a challenging push workout with light weight

How to do a challenging push workout with light weight