1: Simone Biles Makes History Vaults to Olympic Gold America's First Woman Champion in Vaulting

2: Unstoppable gymnast Biles soars, defies gravity Gold in vault, she claims Olympic history made

3: Dominating the floor Simone Biles shines bright Vaulting to gold American first in sight

4: Simone's historic leap First American woman Gold in Olympic vault Biles' journey to stardom

5: Simone Biles, a legend Vaulting to greatness Inspiring a nation Golden triumph achieved

6: American pride soars Simone Biles makes history Olympic gold in vault First for US women

7: Simone Biles, champion Vaults to Olympic glory American trailblazer Making history with grace

8: Biles' amazing feat Vaulting to Olympic gold First American woman Champion in the vault

9: Simone Biles, a hero Soars to Olympic gold Vaulting into history American champion rising