1: South Korea's Seoul experienced its snowiest December day in over 40 years, blanketing the city in a winter wonderland.

2: Residents and tourists alike were excited to witness the rare sight of heavy snowfall, creating picturesque scenes across the city.

3: Temperatures dropped significantly as the snow continued to fall, turning Seoul into a winter paradise for all to enjoy.

4: The heavy snowfall caused disruptions in transportation and schools, but locals embraced the winter weather with joy and excitement.

5: Despite the challenges, Seoul's snowiest December day in over four decades brought a sense of beauty and wonder to the city.

6: Families and friends took to the streets to enjoy snowball fights, sledding, and making snowmen on this memorable winter day.

7: The snowy scenery provided the perfect backdrop for stunning photographs and unforgettable memories for those in Seoul.

8: As the snow began to melt, Seoul returned to its bustling city life, but the memories of the snowiest December day will always remain.

9: South Korea's Seoul may have seen record snowfall, but the city's spirit and resilience shone through in the midst of winter's embrace.