1: Discover the top 12 valuable wheat pennies in circulation. From the rare 1909-S VDB to the 1955 double die, these coins are worth a pretty penny.

2: The 1909-S VDB is one of the most sought-after wheat pennies, with values reaching thousands of dollars. Check your pocket change for this gem.

3: Keep an eye out for the 1914-D, a key date wheat penny that can fetch a nice sum. Find out what makes this coin so valuable.

4: The 1922 plain penny is another rare find worth looking out for. Learn how to identify this valuable wheat penny in circulation.

5: Collectors covet the 1931-S penny for its scarcity and high value. Explore the fascinating history behind this coveted wheat penny.

6: The 1943 copper-alloy penny is a rare gem in circulation, worth far more than face value. Could you have this valuable wheat penny in your possession?

7: Search for the 1955 double die penny, a mint error that commands top dollar. Uncover the secrets behind this prized wheat penny variety.

8: Discover the 1958-D penny with a rare double die obverse. Learn how to spot this valuable wheat penny and add it to your collection.

9: Explore more valuable wheat pennies in circulation and start hunting for these rare treasures today. Don't overlook your spare change for hidden gems.