1: Get a strong core with plank variations like side planks and forearm planks. These exercises engage all core muscles.

2: Crunches effectively target your abs. Mix up variations like bicycle crunches and oblique crunches for a sculpted core.

3: Try Russian twists and woodchoppers to work your obliques. These exercises will give you a defined waistline.

4: Incorporate leg raises and flutter kicks to challenge your lower abs. These exercises will help you achieve a flat stomach.

5: Bridge exercises target your lower back and glutes. Add variations like single-leg bridges and hip raises for a strong core.

6: Flutter kicks and scissor kicks are great for engaging your lower abs. Include them in your core routine for best results.

7: Dead bug exercises and supermans are effective for strengthening your core and lower back muscles. Add them to your workout routine.

8: Plank jacks and mountain climbers are dynamic exercises that engage your core. Include them for a full-body workout.

9: For a complete core workout, try combining these exercises into a routine. Consistency is key for a sculpted, strong core.